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Welcome to the pregnancy, labour and birth pages on the Rosie website

Wards and clinics

Visiting times and contact details for Rosie wards and clinics. Read more...

Further support

Where to find help and support during pregnancy and parenthood. Read more...

Community care

Community midwives at the Rosie work in eight teams.


Where to park when coming to the Rosie.

Finding your way around the Rosie

The hospital is a big place! Here you'll find maps and directions.

Jargon buster

Pregnancy care has a language all of its own. Here are some of the common medical terms and abbreviations. Read more...

Meet the team

Caring for you and your baby involves the expertise of a variety of highly skilled professionals. Read more...

Patient information leaflets

Download detailed information about various aspects of pregnancy.

Midwives are the main providers of care to women throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Midwives take the lead in care in low risk pregnancy and childbirth, which is their area of expertise, making referrals to the appropriate medical professionals if required.

Obstetricians have specific expertise in treating complications in pregnancy and childbirth and, working with midwives, take the lead in providing care for women with higher risk pregnancies.