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Overnight Pulse Oximetry

What is it?

Overnight Pulse Oximetry is a test designed to assess whether your heart rate and oxygen levels are normal while you are asleep.

How to prepare for the test

The test involves wearing a probe on the end of your middle or index finger. It is important that the finger you choose has no nail varnish on it, the nail is not damaged and/or a ring finger.

What is involved?

This is a test which you perform at home and will normally be arranged so that you return the monitor to us on a day when you have an appointment at the hospital.

You will receive a phone call from one of the physiologists to arrange sending the monitor to you in the post, delivery will be before 1pm and will require a signature.

The monitor is a wrist worn device with a probe which you attach on to the index or middle finger. When you attach the device it will turn on automatically. Continue to wear it overnight and then take it off in the morning.

You will receive an instruction leaflet with more details regarding how to use the monitor and a questionnaire to fill out, please read the questionnaire prior to going to sleep.

We ask that you return the monitor and paperwork to clinic 2a reception when you attend your next appointment or at the time/date agreed with the physiologist.

What happens after the test?

Your consultant will review the results, depending on the outcome you may be referred for further investigation.