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Sending samples

Genomic Laboratory

Please send samples at room temperature. If the sample cannot be sent directly to the laboratory, store at +4°C and send at the earliest opportunity. Do not freeze samples.

Samples sent by Royal Mail must comply with Packing Instructions 650 for category B substances.

Specimen container must be placed in an individual clear, plastic, marsupial transport bag properly sealed at the top to contain potential leakage. The outer packaging for the specimens transported by postal services must be marked with diamond shaped mark UN 3373 and Biological substances, Category B.

Please download the packaging and transport guidance below.

Non-urgent advice: Sending samples

Send samples by Royal Mail and Courier to:

Genetic Laboratory Specimen Reception, Box 143, ATC Level 6, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ

For local delivery of samples NOT transported by Royal Mail

Transport to Addenbrooke’s hospital:

Specimen reception in the main pathology block (Biochemistry, level 4)
Genetic Laboratory Specimen Reception, level 6 ATC building.

Transport within Addenbrooke's Hospital:

Pneumatic tube (hospital POD) / Destination code (POD number) 36.

Sample Storage

Surplus diagnostic material will be stored in accordance with the relevant laboratory policies, unless consent for storage has been expressly denied.

In summary

Surplus DNA is stored whenever this is possible to help facilitate further diagnostic testing, for quality assurance purposes and service development. Fixed cell suspensions from blood samples for cytogenetic studies are also stored.

If you wish to request a further test on a sample which you believe may have been stored please contact the laboratory to determine whether this is possible.