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Children's Eye Service

Children's services (Paediatrics)

Your child may be referred to clinic 3 by your GP for a number of reasons, or by community services following a sight test.

Information for patients

At the clinic your child may see different health professionals, depending on why they have been referred:

  • a doctor specialising in ophthalmology
  • an optometrist: a specialist in testing vision and prescribing glasses for older children - also known as an optician
  • an orthoptist: a specialist in testing the vision and ocular movements of infants, children and young people of all ages.

Reasons for referral include treatment for cysts, strabismus (squint), lazy eye, refractive error / amblyopia management, neuro-oncology, neuro-ophthalmology, metabolic conditions, genetics, congenital ocular problems like cataract and glaucoma – to name a few!

In clinic:

  • Your child might have their eye sight tested and to get glasses or contact lenses if necessary
  • have their visual development monitored
  • photographs may be taken of your child’s eyes, if required
  • your child’s visual field (peripheral vision), colour vision, contrast sensitivity or intraocular pressures may also be tested
  • your child may have eye drops

If any of the things listed above need to happen during your visit to Clinic 3 you and your child will receive a full explanation before anything takes place.

If your child is ill and you are unable to attend their clinic appointment (or you are unable to attend for other reasons), please contact the clinic to rebook their appointment. Please do not bring your child to their appointment if they have chicken pox, or any other illness that may be contagious.

If your child wears glasses it is really very important that you bring your child’s glasses along to their appointment.

Despite our best efforts, delays do occur in clinic and although we do have some entertainment facilities it would be helpful if you could bring something with you to keep your child amused. For example: quiet toys, games consoles that can be switched onto quiet mode, books/magazines and colouring in. It is also a good idea to bring some snacks, drinks and nappies with you.