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Research & Development: governance structure

All the clinical departments at Cambridge University Hospitals are clustered together into five divisions:

Division A: MSK; Digestive Diseases and ICU/Periops
Division B: Cancer; Labs; Imaging and Clinical support
Division C: Acute Medicine; Inflammation/Infection; Transplant
Division D: Neuroscience; ENT/ Head and neck/ Plastics; Cardiovascular-Metabolic
Division E: Medical Paediatrics; Paediatric Critical Care and Surgery Paediatrics; Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Each clinical division has a named research governance contact, responsible for commercial and non-commercial governance (see table below).

The R&D department is responsible for the legal, financial and administrative functions of all the research activities undertaken at CUH. A core function of this business is to assure the Trust that all research studies are undertaken in line with national and international regulations and to confirm that each research study seeks and is given appropriate Trust approval. These tasks are undertaken for all commercial and non-commercial research studies.

If you have any questions please contact Stephen Kelleher, R&D Manager or Tracy Cripps, Research Governance Manager.

Division Speciality Lead Research Governance Contact
A MSK/DD/ICU/Peri-Ops Sonakshi Kadyanrina
B Cancer/Labs/Imaging/Clinical Angelique Laubscher
C Acute Medicine/II/Transplant Lucy Bennett
D Neuroscience/ENT/H&N/Plastics/Cardiovascular Ruth Holmes
E Med Paeds/Paeds Critical Care/Surgery Paeds/Obs&Gynae Tracy Assari



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