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Outreach chemotherapy service: treating patients closer to home

28 January 2013
Patients receiving chemotherapy at Addenbrooke’s are offered a unique alternative to have their treatment nearer to home.

At the moment two GP surgeries in Cambridge and Haverhill are running one day a week. Two senior nurses travel to the surgeries and see around 80 patients a month.

Barbara Layland and Andrea Hunt

Junior sister Andrea Hunt, involved in running of the programme, said it helped to relieve the pressure on the day unit and also benefits patients. She said: "Being able to get treatment so close to home has such a positive effect on people. It's safe, comfortable and makes having chemotherapy so much easier."

The outreach team receive a lot of positive feedback from the patients. One of them- Barbara Layland, who now has her treatment in Fen Ditton GP surgery. Ms Layland said she would recommend the service. She comments: “I see a regular rotation of nurses every Friday and they're always lovely. Addenbrooke's is such a fantastic place, but now, instead of waiting a couple of hours for my chemo, I can get it within 20 minutes. I'd highly recommend Outreach."

The outreach chemotherapy service is looking to expand over the next year and open two more sites. The target is to treat around 20% of patients coming into the day unit in GP surgeries.