You made a difference - November 2012

12 November 2012
The winners were Jade Robinson, resident pharmacist and Sebastian Starling, booking coordinator.

Jade Robinson

Jade Robinson with her colleaguesJade joined the Trust as a pre-registration trainee pharmacist in August 2010.  This was a one year post during which she gained a broad experience of hospital pharmacy and she subsequently passed her GPhC registration exam in July 2011.

Jade has worked as a resident pharmacist since August 2011.  This is a rotational role that involves working in different clinical areas as well as in different sections of the pharmacy department. Jade also provides on-call duties out of hours to the Trust.

Her colleagues say that Jade always demonstrates a high level of professionalism and is committed to providing the best possible pharmacy service to our patients and staff within the Trust.

Jade's winning nomination came from a colleague, who said: "Jade is always very prompt in dealing with TTOs and will always go out of her way to help with a difficult TTO. She provides support to junior doctors who are unsure of the discharge process and new computer system. She is definitely part of our team on M4 Gynae and much appreciated."

Sebastian Starling

Sebastian is a booking coordinator and is invaluable member of the team. He was nominated for demonstrating an excellent skill set through active listening. Despite working in an extremely busy clinic he always goes over and above to assist with queries – he always ensures all calls are responded to in a timely manner. Sebastian's nomination came from a patient who said: "I come from a service culture in New Zealand and Seb's service should be used in my opinion- for assisting new employees as they start work with customer service – fantastic."

The other nominations for November 2012 were:


Dr Peter Baldwin, Consultant, Rosie
for delivering excellent patient care

Margaret Barfield, Housekeeper, Ward D9
for being an exceptional asset to the ward and team

Keith Barker, Housekeeper, Medirest
for being diligent and self motivated in the service you deliver to outpatient's level 3

Grzegorz Bieganski, Housekeepr, Medirest
for always performing your role with a smile and to a high standard

Ralph Bonnet, Housekeepr, Ward M4
for being the epitome of Kind, Safe and excellent

Alix Bosnic, Nursery Nurse, Ward C2
for putting a constant smile on your young patients faces

Tracey Brooke, Ward Clerk, Ward D10
for always working with a smile and offering a wonderful service

Dr David Church, Specialty Registrar, Diabetes & Endocrinology
for being enthusiastic and dedicated to teaching

Sonia Clark, Junior Sister/ Charge Nurse, Discharge Lounge
for supporting the ward with discharges in the morning which improves the patient experience

Yvette Clark, Healthcare Assistant, Emergency Department
for showing true kindness to a patient in distress

Graham Cone, Radiographer, Radiotherapy
for being pleasant, friendly and helpful

Dr Stephen Connoly, Consultant, Urology
for having an excellent combination of medical knowledge and compassion

Jackie Deans, Healthcare Assistant, Ward M4 ATC
for making a frightening experience more acceptable through gentle kindness

Dr Aaron D'Sa, SHO, Ward A3
for excellent patient care

Maria Fisher, Staff Nurse, Ward N3
for demonstrating a strong communication skill set

Marta Fletcher, Physician's Assistant, Pathology Clinical Services (2 nominations)
for continually offering a high quality service and for showing true dedication to your role and inspiring others

Dr Amitabh Gite, Specialty Registrar, PICU
for delivering excellent patient care

Katie Goodman, Personal Assistant, Biochemistry
for showing true dedication to your role, colleagues and department

Dr Sundeep Grewal, Specialty Registrar, Ward C4
for delivering outstanding patient care

Sarah Harris, Urology Nurse Specialist, Oncology
for clearly explaining and in a reassuring manner the facts about treatment and disease to a patient

Dr Syed Hashmi, Associate Specialist, ENT
for addressing a patients concerns with professional courtesy

James Hill, Healthcare Assistant, Wolfson Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic
for having a polite, professional and forward thinking attitude.

Dr Tobias Janowitz, Specialty Registrar, Oncology
for being an asset to the hospital

Kirsty Jones, Senior Clinical Nurse, DMEfor ensuring that the team runs smoothly and effectively

Nichola Jones, Senior Sister/ Charge Nurse, Ward M4
for demonstrating excellent team leader skills

Imogen Jones, Healthcare Assistant, Ward D5-PSSU
for never complaining and keeping other colleagues spirits up when moral is low

Keir Joyce, Housekeepr, Medirest
for adhering to the trust values of kind, safe and excellent

Dr Vikas Khanduja, Consultant, Clinic 1
for excellent patient care

Rachel Knappett ,Senior Audiologist, Audiology
for being a fantastic role model to all professionals

Linas Markauskas, Housekeeper, Medirest
for always being willing to help

Geraldine Masters, Staff Nurse, Medical Outpatients
for consistently delivering a high standard of care to both your patient and colleagues

Anna McTaggart, Personal Assistant/ Secretary, Emergency Department (2 nomiantions)
for keeping a cool head when under pressure and demonstrating an excellent skill set with communication and supervisory skills

Janine Murray, Associate Practitioner, Point of Care Testing Department,
for always putting patients needs first

Trisha Nolan, Midwife, Rosie
for having a naturally engaging, positive and relaxing attitude with patients

David O'Doherty, Radiotherapy Physicist, Medical Physics
Department for all your work towards commissioning and maintaining the use of Delta 4, which ensured patients treatments, could be accurately verified.

Dr Xiaomei Ouyang, GI Physiologist, Gastroenterology/ Motility
for delivering outstanding care

Paula Peirce, Junior Sister/ Charge Nurse, NICU
for having friendly, helpful and amazingly calm presence

Sarah Precious, Physiotherapist, Urology
for giving a patient hope and encouragement which helped towards a speedier recovery

Sue Prytherch, Midwife, Rosie Birth Centre
for being an inspiration to the whole team through tireless hard work and commitment

Stephen Pye, Training Manager, Learning and Development
for showing true commitment to training through knowledge and experience

Charlotte Richardson, Junior Sister, Ward M4 Department x 4 nomiantions
for being kind and committed to your patients, for making a patient feel safe and special in your care, for being helpful and understadning and for general excelletn pateint care

Shan Robinson, Healthcare Assistant, Ward D5-PSSU
for being a constant support to colleagues

Ana- Marie Sapon, Sister/ Charge Nurse, Ward F4
for being kind, caring and very conscientious

Sam Sargeant, Bank Receptionist, Emmeline Centre
for hearing Implants for excellent customer service

Alison Smith, Healthcare Assistant, Ward N2
for having a compassionate, caring and professional attitude

Ian Stafford, Sister/ Charge Nurse, Clinic 14
for having an amazing ability to instil confidence and calm into patients

Laura Stevens, Staff Nurse, Discharge Lounge
for supporting the ward with discharges in the morning which improves the patient experience

Gillian Stylianou, Medical Secretary, Oncology x2 nominations
for maintaining excellent communication channels between a doctor, GP and a patient for being an unsung hero and an encouragement to all

Anita Walsh, Bank Midwife, Delivery Unit
for making a patient in labour feel more comfortable and relaxed

Sharon Wilkinson, Archive Clerk, Medical Records
for being extremely helpful and continually offering a constant and efficient service

Emma Williams, Staff Nurse, Ward M4
for being caring and efficient