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You Made a Difference awards - October

25 November 2016
Dr Joanne Tod received a You Made a Difference award for the month of October for the compassionate way she supported a dying patient and his family.

Joanne received the award from interim chief operating officer Evelyn Barker and director of corporate affairs Kate Lancaster for the determination she showed to improve the control of the patient’s symptoms and supporting his family, who were understandably distressed.

Joanne Tod, winner of October's You Made a Difference award, with her colleaguesJoanne is pursuing a career in Advanced Hepatology and is currently with the Trust on a three-month specialist attachment from Southampton General Hospital to gain experience in liver transplantation.

At Southampton, Joanne works with leading pancreatic cancer charities in Wessex, both from the research and patient support aspects. Her colleagues at Southampton are not at all surprised that she has been selected for this award.

She was invited to the House of Commons to give a lecture on pancreatic cancer research to the all-party parliamentary group.

Her winning nomination said: “Dr Tod stayed at work until approximately 9pm (on a normal working day) to support a dying patient and his family. The patient had been agitated all day, and his family were understandably distressed. She was determined to improve the control of his symptoms, and also to support his family. She achieved this by showing immense skill in the way she conducted a potentially challenging conversation with the family.”

The other winner for October is Rajan Arora, a pharmacy technician. His winning nomination from a colleague said: “Rajan coordinates the medications for our patients that are prescribed a week in advance. He also organises the supply of the new Hepatitis C drugs for patients starting treatment (which is incredibly complex), providing an exceptionally good service to them. 

"He takes time to go through medications, ensuring that they are seen and dealt with efficiently, that they are dispensed appropriately and any missed doses/scripts are highlighted.  He always has patient’s medication ready and waiting for collection and is highly efficient. Rajan has a friendly and kind manner and is a true gentleman, nothing is too much trouble. He works beyond his role to ensure efficiency in the service and smooth experience for patients.  His desire to resolve problems is fantastic and he is always receptive to sorting out any complications.

Rajan Arora with his You Made a Difference "Patients think very highly of him and the excellent service he gives. The service would not be as well coordinated without him and he is of enormous value to us."Rajan Arora with his You Made a Difference

The other nominations for October were:

Freya  Adams, Senior Sister, Cardiology Departments / IC2
For providing exceptional care to your patient 

Margaret Annat, Staff Nurse,  NCCU,  
For the high standard of care that you provide to patients and relatives, and exemplary demonstration of Trust values.

Joao Azoia, Practice Development Nurse, Critical Care Education,  
For making a patient's relatives feel confident in their loved one's care

Linda Bavister, Nurse Specialist, Renal Cancer 
For outstanding commitment to your patient's care, and for your contribution to giving patients a positive experience

Mark Belham, Consultant, Cardiology K2
For taking time out of your busy schedule to see to a patient in need

Julian  Berry, EPIC trainer, EPIC
For providing excellent support to for colleagues who come to you for help

Christopher  Beynon,  HCA, G3
For your commitment to your patients' care

Josephine Buerano-Sagala, Nurse, M5
For going above and beyond to make your patient feel safe and at ease

Marco Cinque, Supervisor, Estates and Facilities
For outstanding dedication and commitment to your role as a supervisor

Sergio Correro, Staff Nurse, Urology N2
For your kind and understanding service to your patients

Sue Creasy, Junior Sister, Paediatric ED
For going above and beyond your duties to support your department 

Nicoletta D'Agostino, Staff Nurse, L5
For being a fantastic role model for your colleagues

Ronnie de Roxas, HCA, C7
For taking time out to make your ward an enjoyable place to work

Shadi El-Basyuni,  Doctor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
For going above and beyond your duties to accommodate a patient and their relatives

Jack Gooding, Application/Project Support, IT
For providing outstanding service to your colleagues, and always being efficient and reliable

Holly Griffiths, Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
For going above and beyond your duties, and providing excellent care even in difficult situations

Damian  Hebron, Arts Co-ordinator, Communications
For your contributions to the 250th Anniversary of the Trust

Andrew  Hotchen, Academic Clinical Fellow, Trauma & Orthopaedics
For going above and beyond your duties to provide care for your patient

Kenneth Joguilon, Staff Nurse, Main Theatres - Unit 3
For providing support to your colleagues

Geo John, Service Contract Administrator, Clinical Engineering
For providing exceptional support to your department

Victoria Jones, Clinical Education Facilitator, Nursing Projects Office
For providing excellent support for your colleagues, especially the overseas nurses

Sicymol Jose, Staff Nurse, M4
For your commitment to your patients  

Samuel King, HCA, CDU
For inspiring confidence in your patients' relatives that their loved ones will be given the best care possible

Jade Long, HCA, G5
For being kind during a patient’s stay

Matthew Mansfield, Receptionist, Contact Centre
For your professionalism and excellent demonstration of Trust values

Fergus McCausland, Staff Nurse, G3
For providing support to your new colleagues

Alice Middleton, Senior House Officer, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
For going the extra mile to calm and reassure a distressed patient at a difficult time 

Susan Mott, Receptionist, Appointment Centre
For consistently wonderful service for a patient's relative who has been visiting your department for 10 years

Joshua Musk, Staff Nurse, D2
For making your patient feel safe and at ease in the some of the most testing hours of their stay

Emma Northfield, Recruitment Administrator Co-ordinator, Perioperative Services
For providing excellent support for your colleagues

Ellen O'Malley, Head and Neck Cancer Specialist, M5
For your professionalism and kindness towards your patients

Olivia Plumb, Shift Leader, Contact Centre
For inspiring, motivating and supporting your staff members

Sue Pollard, Medical Records Filing Clerk, C8
For wonderful customer service

Hilary Ritchie, Archives Officer, Communications
For your contributions to the 250th Anniversary of the Trust

Tessa Sharpe, Senior Sister, Emergency Department
For providing excellent support to your team, and your contributions to helping new team members settle in

Gemma Shorter, Directorate Support Manager, MSK
For providing excellent support to your team

Andrea Stanislawski, Clinical Leader, Main Theatres
For providing excellent support for your colleagues and patients

Myra Stevenson, HCA, C3
For compassionate and caring service, and going above and beyond to help your patients

Stephanie Tan, Staff Nurse, G2
For your excellent support and cheerful manner

Jo Timson, Head of Corporate Communications, Communications
For your outstanding contributions and achievements for the 250th Anniversary of the Trust

Sarah Welsh, Doctor, Oncology Outpatients
For providing excellent support and commitment to your patients

Martyn Woollard, Systems Asset Administrator, Maintenance Services
For going above and beyond your duties to support your department.

Clarence Yapo, Staff Nurse, MDU, x 2 nominations
For always putting patients first and achieving high standards of care at all times
For making your patient feel at ease and special

Veronika Zitanova, HCA, N2
For providing excellent patient care