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You Made a Difference awards - May

09 June 2016
A student nurse who is demonstrating incredible levels of compassion and a senior nurse who has overseen the roll-out of the new revalidation* process for nurses and midwives were recognised with 'You Made a Difference' awards for May.

Lindsey Brecken received her award for the way she treated a patient in the final week of his life, while Terrie Drummond's leadership and support of colleagues going through the new Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) process for revalidation earned her the recognition.

Lindsey Brecken receives her award from CUH Chair Jane Ramsey and CEO Roland SinkerLindsey was described by the patient's daughter as a "fantastic nurse in the making" – a view backed up by assistant director of nursing Sue Wilkinson and Rachael May, senior nurse for pre-registration students.

Lindsey winning nomination said: "My father spent the last week of his life on Ward N3. Whilst all the staff were caring and compassionate, Lindsey really stood out. She found the time and patience to recognise my father's changing needs as he deteriorated, going out of her way to help him and ensuring members of staff were aware of the changes.

"These small details contributed greatly to ensuring Dad's final days were dignified and comfortable. Lindsey was very supportive towards me and my family during an extremely sad and difficult time. Dad was very aware of his surroundings and was very grateful for Lindsey's help and support.

"She is a fantastic nurse in the making.”

Lindsey started her student nurse training in March 2014 and had just entered her third year of training. Her student nurse training involves spending time both at University and within Practice and she has had training placements in a Nursing home, Private Hospitals, Clinical Research, N3 Respiratory and is currently in Main Theatres Recovery.

Terrie’s demystifying of the process involved in revalidation has been crucial in all of the nurses and midwives successfully completing in April and May.

Terrie Drummond stands proudly with her award in front of her colleagues in the Clinical Education Support and Research Team"Terrie has trained and supported all nursing staff with the new NMC revalidation process, explaining and demystifying it for all," a colleague said in the winning nomination. "She has removed a great deal of anxiety and ensured that the process has been implemented smoothly.

"In addition to supporting individuals she has made the process easier for line managers, enabling them to continue to focus on leading the delivery of Safe, Kind and Excellent patient care. Terrie has delivered all this whilst, amongst other roles, continuing to ably co-ordinate and facilitate the Qualified Nurse Induction Programme."

Terrie came into the Senior Nurse (Preceptorship) post in November 2014 where she leads and manages the qualified practitioner orientation programme.

Chunu  Ale Magar,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D8,  
for your outstanding hard work, team work ethic and support to team members

Rachael  Beddard,  Senior Speech & Language Therapist,  Speech & Language Therapy,  for your unwavering, kindness, positivity and support shown to colleagues and patients

Jane  Boreham,  Lead Nurse Pre-Admissions,  DSU L2 ATC Unit,  
for displaying the qualities of being fair and considerate in your role as a leader

Lesley  Brown,  Healthcare Assistant,  Neurology,  
for consistently going above your call of duty

Emma  Burgess,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward D8,  
for your hard work and support to your team

Ana  Carvalho,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D8,  
for providing outstanding care to your patients and support to your colleagues

Carol  Clark-Brown,  Healthcare Assistant,  Discharge Lounge DSU Level 2,  
for being friendly and caring towards your patients

Joshua  Coulson,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward M5,  
for showing kindness and support to a patient

Claire  Cumiskey,  Staff Nurse,  Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, 
 for displaying great compassionate care towards a patient and their family

Teresa   Doyle,  Staff Nurse,  Ward F6,  
for your outstanding, positive support towards a fellow colleague

Emma  Driver,  Midwife,  Lady Mary Ward,  
for always being there for the needs of patients and relatives

Daniella  Easton,  Booking Coordinator,  Digestive Diseases,  
for working incredibly hard to ensure all patients are booked within their targets

Aisling  Fagan,  Junior Doctor,  Vascular Services,  
for your great responsiveness and willingness to help

Catherine  Farmer,  Healthcare Assistant,  Day Surgery Unit, 
 for always being friendly, helpful and professional

Carla  Figueiredo,  Staff Nurse,  Ward F6,  
for demonstrating immense dedication to the welfare of your patients

Chelsea  Fitchett,  Booking Coordinator,  Digestive Diseases,  
for working incredibly hard to ensure all patients are booked within their targets

Jennifer  Fitzjohn,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D6,  
for going far and beyond your duty to make a patients stay as pleasant as possible

Parto  Foroughi,  Consultant Breast Surgeon,  Cambridge Breast Unit,  
for your exceptional professionalism and care

Mary  Fraser,  MS Nurse,  Neurology,  
for always going above and beyond for a patient

Silvia  Galante,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D9,  
for showing very good care and being cheerful

Jayne  Gibbons,  Macmillan Head and Neck Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Head & Neck Services,  x2 nominations
for making supreme effort to support a patient during their treatment 
for the contribution you have made to your patients and colleagues within the Head & Neck department 

Heather  Gibson,  Directorate Support Manager,  Digestive Diseases, 
for constantly going above and beyond to ensure that your staff feel valued whilst also working tirelessly to improve patient experience.

Ruben  Gil,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward D8, 
for always making a patient feel positive and confident in their recovery

Giancarlo  Giovine,  Staff Nurse,  Ward D8,  
for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to always be better

Helen  Gooden,  Staff Nurse,  Endoscopy,  
for always being willing to offer some help when it is needed

Ian  Grant,  Consultant Surgeon,  Plastic Surgery,  
for providing excellent care and kindness

Julia  Hale,  Endocrine Nurse,  Endocrinology Clinic,  
for always being empathetic, kind and caring towards a patient

Lisa  Harvey,  Anaesthetic Registrar,  Main Recovery,  
for consistently maintaining the highest standard of care for your patients

Victoria  Heald,  Pharmacist,  Pharmacy,  
for regularly going out of your way for patients and colleagues

Natalie  Hoover,  Healthcare Assistant,  Intensive Care Unit,  
for going the extra mile to support a patient

Indira  Horil Roy,  Staff Nurse,  Day Surgery Unit,  x2 nominations
for always being friendly, helpful and professional
for making a difference each day with your kindness and support

Danielle  Humphries,  Healthcare Assistant,  Lewin Stroke and Rehab,  
for regularly going above and beyond for your patients

Mary  Jacobs,  Senior Staff Nurse,  Clinical Oncology,  
for displaying efficient, calm and kind qualities

Arek  Jereczek,  Housekeeper,  Medirest,  
for working and hard always being willing to help

Kata  Kardos,  Portering Supervisor,  Estates and Facilities,  
for always working positively and efficiently

Denise  Koch,  Midwifery Sister,  Delivery Unit,  
for being a superb role model, leading by example

Stacey  Lambert,  Healthcare Assistant,  Endoscopy,  
for ensuring that all patients receive exceptional care throughout their Endoscopy stay

Nicola  Lemmon,  Physiotherapy Assistant,  Physiotherapy,  
for going out of your way to keep a relative informed and in contact with a patient

David  Long,  Housekeeper -Ward D6,  Medirest ,  
for working excellently and efficiently

Jesus  Maniquis,  Staff Nurse,  Ward C8,  
for your support and commitment in supporting a student nurse

Dunecan  Massey,  Gastro/Transplant Consultant,  Transplant,  
for your calm, persistent manner and leadership

Anna  McNeela,  Senior Sister,  Emergency Department,  
for going above your duties to improve morale amongst your staff members

Lynda  Mills,  Ward Manager,  Day Surgery Unit,  
for always being supportive and caring towards patients and staff

Akram  Mohammadi,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward A3,  
for all your hard work and dedication and continuously acting as a team player 

Wendy  Moss,  TYA Administrator,  The Oasis,  
for your support and willingness to go above and beyond for your team

Adrian  Olaru,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward F3,  
for providing excellent, calming care to a patient

Sheena  Parkin,  Secretary,  Gastroenterology,  
for always being willing to put people first without complaint

Jonathan  Parry,  Healthcare Assistant,  MSEU,  
for making an enormous difference to a patients care and quality of life

Chloe  Patterson,  Staff Nurse,  Day Surgery Unit,  
for your pleasantness and professionalism

Sam  Petty,  Clinical Specialist in Critical Care,  Physiotherapy,  
for giving great time and effort to help a patient get better

Wendy  Phillips,  Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Digestive Diseases,  
for years of devoted, compassionate and gentle leadership

Augustina  Popescu,  Staff Nurse (awaiting Pin),  Ward D9,  
for showing the highest standard of care towards a patient

Jayne  Readman,  Staff Nurse,  Paediatric Day Surgery,  
for providing appropriate and excellent care

Rowena  Rimes,  Consultant Orthodontist,  Orthodontist,  
for your excellent support towards colleague

William  Sage,  Foundation House Officer Two,  Neurosurgery,  x2 nominations
for your dedication to your patients and supervising of students

Lee  Sawford,  Research Nurse,  Ward C7, 
for providing quick and efficient care to a patient

Vicki  Seddon,  Communications Manager,  Communications,  
for your positive attitude to your work and forward thinking

Kyle  Sparks,  Physicians Assistant,  Pathology Clinical Services,  
for your efficient and calming care

Martin  Stansfied,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward D8,  
for constantly being positive and supportive towards patients

Kuldeep  Stohr,  Consultant,  Paediatric Orthopaedics,  
for keeping a relative fully informed, helping them to ease their worries

Josie  Storey-Joyce,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward D8,  
for your friendly and cheerful attitude in your work

Sabrina  Taylor,  Staff Nurse,  Children's Services,  
for being exceptionally friendly, helpful and reassuring

Karen  Thorpe,  Charge Nurse,  Day Surgery Unit,  
for being hardworking and caring towards staff and patients

Marc  Wall,  Maintenance Apprentice,  Estates and Facilities,  
for always being willing to go the extra mile and be positive about your work

Sharon  Wilson,  Senior Clinical Fellow,  Cardiology,  
for providing thorough and efficient treatment

Eugene  Wong,  Foundation House Officer One,  General Surgery,  
for your great professionalism, efficiency supportiveness