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You Made a Difference awards - December

23 December 2016
A junior sister who is a “great team player” on an elderly ward and a dedicated domestic on a maternity ward were the deserved winners of the You Made a Difference awards for December.

Hayley King, a junior sister on G4, was picked out after being nominated by her colleagues, while Lisa Smith was the other winner having been put forward by a mother she helped through a testing time with her new born. They received their awards from by the Trust’s Chair Mike More and Chief Executive Roland Sinker.  

Hayley King stands proudly with her You Made a Difference award in front of colleagues from G4 and Division CHayley said: “It is truly humbling to be nominated for a You Made a Difference award and to win means the world to me.

“I feel blessed to work with great consultants and a great team. We’ve come a long way on G4 and there’s so many ideas on how we can make it even better.”

Her winning nomination, written by a consultant colleague, said: “Hayley is always so helpful and supportive with everyone, listening to the needs of both patients and staff; she is also a great team player. 

“As a Consultant on ward G4, I have observed on multiple occasions over the past two years how her caring attitude, efficiency, compassion and extreme professionalism have made a wonderful difference to the health and wellbeing of patients and their families.  Hayley always goes the extra mile and is making a difference on an on-going basis.”

Hayley joined the Trust as a newly qualified staff nurse in DME in November 2006, having previously undertaken her nurse training  here at CUH. In November 2010 she was promoted to a Junior Sister and moved to Ward G6 before moving to G4 to continue in her current Band 6 role


A friendly, reassuring attitude towards a new mother won Lisa Smith the You Made a Difference award.

Lisa Smith receives her award from Chairman Mike More and CEO Roland SinkerVery much a permanent fixture on the Lady Mary Ward, Lisa is responsible for the cleanliness of the ward, ensuring it meets quality control audits of 95%. Her role goes much beyond that however. Lisa goes above and beyond the call of duty to support colleagues and families of new borns.

An extract of the winning nomination said: “Lisa took time out of her busy working day to talk to me and calm me down when I was having a testing time with my new-born.

“She was very caring, making sure my husband and I always had a cup of tea and her friendly attitude was just what I needed during my admission.  Lisa went above and beyond and was an absolute pleasure to be around.  She is a great asset to Lady Mary Ward.”

On receiving the award, Lisa said: “I’m very proud to receive this award and to work on Lady Mary Ward. It’s such a lovely ward and they are a great team to work with. I look forward to going to work every day. 


The other nominations for December were:

Racquel  Antonio,  Junior Sister,  Oncology Clinics,  
For being a source of inspiration for your colleague

Sophie  Bennett,  Urology Nurse Practitioner,  Urology Clinic 4a,  
For your commitment to the improvement of your department's patient care

Jessica  Bewick,  Specialty Registrar,  Ear, Nose and Throat Medical Staff,  
For your kind and supportive attitude towards your patients and colleagues

Ashleigh  Chaplin,  Staff Nurse,  Intensive Care Unit,  
For your exemplary dedication and professionalism towards your patient and their family

Lindsay  Costley,  Healthcare Assistaant,  Ward G6,  
For upholding the Trust values

Tina  Donnelly,  Admin Officer,  Radiology,  
For your efforts in improving the patient care in your department

Carol  Erum,  Healthcare Assistant ,  General Medicine,  
For your support to your team

Martin  Fabb,  Physician's Assistant,  Phlebotomy,  
For your professionalism and cheery demeanour

Matthew  Fage,  Junior Charge Nurse,  Oncology, x2 nominations
For creating a safe and reassuring environment for your patient
For exemplary dedication and professionalism towards your patients

Christine  Foreman,  Junior Sister,  Oncology Day Unit, 
 For the excellent support you provided for your staff

Graham  Freestone,  Estates Information Technician,  Estates and Facilities,  
For providing high quality work support supporting your department

Leah   Goreham,  Healthcare Assistant, Ward G4,  
For always being helpful and hard-working

Johann   Graggaber,  Consultant,  Department of Acute Medicine, x2 nominations 
For your professionalism and dedication to your patients and your team
For your work ethic, going the extra mile, and the support you provide to your colleagues

Margaret  Hales,  Diabetes Nurse Specialist,  Diabetes, 
For your initiative and dedication to improve the patient care in your department.

Gerry   Howard,  Delivery and Laundry,  Medirest, 
For always being kind and helpful

Emmanuel  Huguet,  Consultant,  Transplantation,  
For your compassion, kindness and professionalism towards your patient. An exemplary demonstration of Trust values.

Arel Jereczek,  Housekeeping Staff,  Medirest,  
For your kind and friendly attitude

Andrea  Jordan,  Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Paediatric Surgery,  
For going above and beyond your duties to support your colleagues during a time of difficulty within the department.

Ryan   Lacandula,  Staff Nurse,  Ward G6, 
For upholding the Trust values

Binita  Lama,  Staff Nurse,  Ward G6, x2 nominations
For your kindness at the ward
For always being welcoming

Laura  Leach,  Specialty Registrar,  ENT,  
For your professionalism and attentiveness to your patient

Sam  Love,  Foundation House Officer,  EAU,  
For going above and beyond to provide invaluable support to your department 

Michael  Madison,  Maintenance Assistant,  Estates and Facilities,  
For going above and beyond your duties to ensure patient safety and comfort

Elizabeth  Malubay,  Ward Clerk,  Ward G3, 
For always being cheerful

Nadine  Mark,  Trainee Healthcare Scientist ,  Cardiac Physiology, 
For your exemplary dedication to your work, and embodiment of Trust values

Emma  McColl,  Junior Sister,  Ward D5,  
For your hard work and perseverance despite the amount of stress on your ward

Steph  McCrae,  Staff Nurse,  Charles Wolfson ward, 
For your professionalism and always seeking to develop yourself and the student nurses in your team

Anne  McGowan,  Honorary Clinical Fellow,  Endocrinology & Diabetes,  
For your professionalism and attentiveness towards your patient. 

Nicola   Owen,  Senior Sister,  Ward J2,  
For providing excellent support to your patient and their relatives

Josie  Paguibitan,  Kitchen Catering Meals Server,  Medirest (Ward A4),  
For your exemplary work ethic, and for always putting others first.

Chloe  Patterson,  Staff Nurse,  ATC Ward,  
For going above and beyond your duties to accommodate a patient's concerns

Jaya Philip,  Staff Nurse,  Ward G6,  
For upholding the Trust values

Leo  Phillips,  Receptionist,  Cardiac Physiology,  
For showing fantastic initiative to improve your department's service

Jessica  Pleiter,  Staff Nurse,  Oncology Day Unit,  
For the excellent support you provided to your colleague

Danuta  Puchacz-Kadioglu,  Junior Sister,  Ward C4,  
For your kindness and compassion towards your patients and staff

Jo  Putz,  Healthcare Assistant,  Ward D6,  
For providing passionate and inspiring care to your patient and their family

Annaliese  Ralph,  Midwife,  Delivery Unit,  
For your exemplary embodiment of Trust values, and providing the best care possible to your patient and her family

Thomas  Robinson ,  Junior Charge Nurse,  Medical Decisions Unit,  
For providing a calm and reassuring environment for your patient and their family

Federico  Robles Garcia,  Trainee Electrician,  Estates and Facilities,  
For your admirable work ethic, and consistently high quality work

Marisa  Ruivo Gaspar,  Staff Nurse,  Ward G5,  
For your hard work and dedication

Christina  Sayer,  Healthcare Assistant II,  Endoscopy,  
For exemplifying Trust values

Victoria (Pip)  Shaw,  PA/Secretary,  Emergency Department,  
For your contributions to boosting your team's morale

Bincy  Shiju,  Staff Nurse,  Daphne Ward,  
For providing kind and considerate care, and ensuring your patient felt confident in the care you provided

Gemma  Shorter,  Directorate Support Manager,  Trauma & Orthopaedics,  
For providing excellent support for your staff, and organising various team exercises to improve your team's morale

Roy  Smith,  Staff Nurse, Ward  F6 ,  
For providing compassionate care for your patient

Daniel  Stevens,  Security Officer,  Indigo Security,  
For your professionalism and helpfulness 

Cinu Thomas,  Maintenance Assistant,  Estates and Facilities,  
For your admirable work ethic, and consistently high quality work

Evangelia  Vamvaka,  Staff Nurse,  Ward M5,  
For your dedication to your patients' care

Katherine  Wakefield,  Clinical Pharmacist,  Pharmacy,  
For improving the efficiency of your department with your work, and going above and beyond your duties to improve your department's service.

Anita (Malligah)  Walsh,  Midwife,  Rosie, 
 For your help in allowing a patient to deliver safely and successfully 

Joanne  Wilson,  Advanced Occupational Therapist,  Occupational Therapy,  
For your professionalism and providing excellent personalised care

John  Winter,  Staff Nurse,  JVF ICU, 
 For your patience and dedication to your patient's care

Clarence  Yapo,  Staff Nurse,  PSSU Ward D5,  
For the brilliant, extensive support you provide to new colleagues starting in the Trust

Nicole  Zina,  Hospital Play Specialist,  Paediatric Emergency Department,  
For putting your patient and their family at ease