The Neonatal Dietitian will see babies on the Neonatal Unit who require additional support to maintain optimum growth. The Dietitian will advise on optimal nutrition after making an assessment based on the baby’s growth, blood results, clinical condition and nutritional requirements. They will advise on Parenteral nutrition (ie nutrition provided via the baby’s veins) and Enteral nutrition (ie nutrition provided via the baby’s gastrointestinal system).

The Dietitian’s works as part of the multi-disciplinary team across the Neonatal Unit and provide support for the Neonatal Community team. They will see babies once discharged home as needed in either in their General Paediatric clinic or the multi-disciplinary Neonatal Neurodevlopmental clinic.

The Dietitians are also involved on the Neonatal Unit in policy development and audit to ensure delivery of evidence based and best practice care.

Please ask the nurse looking after your baby to arrange for you to speak to the Dietitian if you would like to discuss any aspect of your baby’s nutritional care.

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