Family-centred care

    Places you, as parents at the centre of your baby’s care. Family-centred care is hugely beneficial to babies and parents. It can lower your baby’s stress level, promote better health, shorten hospital stays and reduce hospital readmissions. It helps you to bond with your baby and improves your confidence as a parent.

    Developmental Care

    Supplements and complements the more traditional medical care your baby is receiving. Individualised developmental care improves babies’ outcomes. The neonatal unit is very different to the environment the baby has been experiencing in their mother’s womb. It is also a very different setting than they would have been surrounded by, if they had been born well enough to go straight home with you.

    We aim to create a supportive, gentle environment which is as similar as possible to the environment your baby’s brain and body is expecting at their stage of development. We do this by working with you to;

    • Provide gentle supportive caregiving that responds to your baby’s signs of acceptance and tolerance
    • Support your baby during any stressful and painful procedures
    • Try to keep your babies experiences of light, noise, touch, taste and smell as close to normal as possible
    • Help your baby settle in comfortable positions which will aid them to sleep well and have good postural development
    • Promote as much positive touch and skin-to-skin holding as is possible
    • Help you to provide milk for your baby and feed them in the way you wish.
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