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 The Trust owns approx £93 million of medical devices. The purpose of equipment management is to ensure that the benefits of this technology are maximised, and the risks minimised. This involves us in pre-purchase evaluations, acceptance tests, maintenance, development and manufacture of specialist items. We are also involved with the education and training of device users, and assist risk management following incidents or where equipment is subject to safety and hazard notices.

The range and level of skills within clinical engineering can obviate the need for expensive service contracts with outside companies with the added advantage of a fast and flexible response as required. We currently have a computerised equipment management system which enables us to effectively administer the management of our 19,000 items of medical devices.

The management of biomedical equipment is subject to Trust-wide policies and procedures.

Medical equipment library

The Trust owns approx £35 million worth of biomedical equipment.  The purpose of Equipment Management and Clinical engineering is to ensure that the benefits of this technology are maximised, and the risks minimised.

The Medical equipment Library is a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. A Library of electronic devices that are shared across many Wards. Information on available medical devices can be viewed on the Medical Devices Web Portal:

(CUH staff using Trust computers only)

Medical electronics

The Medical electronics section provides the necessary technical support and electronics expertise to all areas of the Trust utilising electrical and electronic medical devices. With the increased use of technology in medicine, specialist advice is needed to maintain and advise on critical equipment.

Of the numerous items of medical devices that clinical engineering look after medical electronics provide a facility which includes commissioning, testing, planned maintenance, repairing and disposal for the majority of these devices.

All types of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment devices are covered, including diagnostic imaging equipment, defibrillators, infusion pumps and multi-parameter patient monitors.

Anaesthetic and clinical equipment

The anaesthetics and clinical equipment section specialises in the maintenance and repair of all gas related medical devices.

These range from high-dependency equipment such as life-saving ventilators and anaesthetic machines to the basic flow meter and suction devices located in most areas.

Essential support is given to adult and paediatric intensive care units, critical-care units, operating theatres and the Rosie Hospital.

Mechanical engineering

The mechanical engineering section provides a comprehensive, quality mechanical engineering resource for all health professionals in the east of England. Services include:

  • service and repair to mechanical devices
  • manufacture of specialist parts no longer available elsewhere
  • routine service and sharpening of surgeons' instruments
  • manufacture of instruments not commercially available
  • technical advice to users and investigation of failures
  • project design and development of treatment and measurement devices as requested by clinicians for their specialty
  • mercury decontamination and monitoring
  • sphygmomanometer repairs and recalibration
  • engraving of signs and plaques
  • etching of stainless steel surgical instruments

The technicians in this division develop custom-built medical devices, which are used either in surgery or research, or for the rehabilitation of patients.