Down’s syndrome, Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome

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Irene Miotto

Lead Midwife for Antenatal and Newborn Screening
Irene Miotto

It’s really special when parents who you’ve been supporting bring their babies in to visit us when they are born, or send cards.

Down’s syndrome, Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome

The purpose of this screening is to find out how likely it is that your baby has these conditions.

Your community midwife at your first appointment will discuss the screening offer with you and discuss your options.

Screening is not compulsory and you could either decide to have the screening for all the three conditions, only for Down’s syndrome Screening, only for Edward’s and Patau’s or decline the screening altogether.

To find out more information about these conditions you can read information available at in English, 12 other languages, easy to read versions and audio versions. If you are finding hard to decide whether to have the screening you can contact the Screening Team on 01223 348666 or consult ARC website at


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