Sara ward - Antenatal ward

We care for women who need to be in hospital for part of their pregnancy for closer observation and investigations, and those women who are undergoing induction of labour.

Visiting times

  • For partners: 24/7 for the induction bay
  • For other visitors: 17.00 - 19.30

Please note: only children of the patient are allowed to visit. Two visitors per bed at visiting times. In exceptional circumstances, for more visitors please speak to the midwife in charge.


01223 217 671

Stacy Hayden

Lead Midwife for Sara Ward
Stacy Hayden
About the ward: 

During your stay you will be cared for by midwives, student midwives, maternity care assistants and ward assistants. The obstetric team doctors come to the ward each morning usually between 08.00 and 09.00 to review your care, whether any tests or investigations may be required that day and whether you need to stay in hospital. You may also be seen by other healthcare professionals as required, for example the Women's Health physiotherapists visit the ward daily during the week.

Each woman on the ward will have an individualised plan of care. Depending on the reason for your admission you may require regular observations, monitoring and sometimes medication. Depending on your stage of pregnancy and your individual circumstances your baby may also need monitoring, using a cardiotocograph (CTG).

Other common tests carried out include blood and urine tests and ultrasound scans if required. Ultrasound scans can be requested from the ward but are carried out in either in the Rosie ultrasound scan department on level 1 or in the fetal medicine department on level 2.

Meal times

Three meals are provided during the day in the communal day room. These consist of:

Cold breakfast from 08:00
Hot lunch or sandwiches 12:00 – 12:45
Hot dinner or sandwiches 17:00 – 17:45

You can choose whether you eat at your bedside or in the communal day room. Meals are self-service, but if you cannot walk to the day room, catering staff will ensure that a meal is brought to your bedside (or your partner can obtain a meal on your behalf). Outside these times - or overnight - the ward has a stock of cereals, snacks, sandwiches and toast.

Hot meals can be ordered from the main hospital kitchen at any time if you have missed the ward meal or are admitted late at night. Please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. You are welcome to bring in your own food and snacks and these can be stored (clearly labelled with your name and date) in the ward fridge.

Special dietary requirements can be met as long as the kitchen has sufficient warning, so if you have any such needs, please tell us when you are admitted to the ward. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinking water are all available 24 hours a day. 

Induction of labour

​If you are coming in to Sara ward for induction of labour, please click on the link below for more information.

Antenatal education

If you remain as an inpatient for a long period during your pregnancy or if your baby has to be delivered early, you may miss out on antenatal education classes. The midwives on the ward are able to discuss any aspect of your pregnancy with you, please ask at any time. Topics to consider include infant feeding and birth preferences, as outlined in pages 35 and 36 of your antenatal care record (hand held notes).

Patient information leaflets are also available covering a variety of topics, which may be useful depending on your individual circumstances.

Finding us: 

Head straight through the Rosie reception area, past the Pavilion cafe. Take lift B or the stairs to level 3 and follow the signs to Sara ward, which is opposite the delivery unit.

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