Lady Mary ward – Postnatal ward

Caring for women and their babies.

Visiting times

  • For partners: 24/7
  • For other visitors: 14:00-19:30

Please note: only children of the patient are allowed to visit. Two visitors per bed at visiting times. In exceptional circumstances, for more visitors please speak to the midwife in charge.


01223 217 667
About the ward: 

Postnatally, we offer support to new parents, which includes learning to care for your newborn baby. We offer advice and observation of the normal changes that happen to mothers and babies following delivery, and we can refer to other professionals if needs arise. We will also ensure that mothers and their partners know how to obtain help and support once they are at home.

The ward is staffed mainly by midwives and maternity support workers with medical care provided by the obstetric and neonatal staff. Please be aware that midwives care for several mothers and babies on each shift.  

Safety and security

The main entrance doors to Lady Mary ward are locked at all times. Hospital staff enter by means of an ID badge scanner. Patients and visitors ring the doorbell and are spoken to via intercom, to establish who they are and why they are coming into the ward, before they are allowed to enter. Please do not allow others to follow you onto the ward.

You and your baby must have ID bands on at all times and we recommend that the safest place for your baby is to stay in his/her cot. We advise that all babies remain on the ward at all times. If it is necessary to leave the ward for investigations or treatment, this will be arranged by a member of staff.

Please be aware that most of the observations and care for your baby will be carried out in your presence. Sometimes however in may be necessary for staff to take your baby to another area.

For safety reasons it is important that during daylight hours the curtains around your bed are kept open, unless privacy is needed for a procedure or while breastfeeding. This is to give staff a clear view of all the mothers and babies in the bay, so that they can observe your well-being and you can see them if you need help.

Information about you and your baby is kept confidential and medical records are stored away from the bay areas in order to maintain your privacy. You and your family are welcome to introduce yourselves to others on the ward but staff will never give out any of your details without your express permission. No information about mothers and babies on the ward is given to the public by telephone.

Babies requiring ‘extra care’

The ward cares not only for well babies but also for those who need ‘extra care’, for example because they were born early, are underweight or require special care for medical reasons. If this is the case with your baby, they will be nursed among the other babies on the ward but will be seen daily by doctors and will have additional checks throughout the day and night by ward staff. As their parent, you may need specific help with caring for them and will receive training and support from specialist nurses and midwives.

Babies admitted to the neonatal unit

We also care for mothers whose babies are very small or unwell and are being cared for on the neonatal unit. These mothers stay among the other mothers and babies on the ward but receive special support from the midwives and neonatal staff during what can be a difficult time. Mothers who live in the local area will be discharged from the ward when appropriate to, and visit their baby from home. For mothers who are not local, onsite accommodation can be arranged.

Think Green

Lady Mary is a recycling ward! In 2012, our domestic assistant Lisa Smith won an award for her great work as a 'change facilitator' implementing new waste management procedures. She has been instrumental in the increase of recycling. Please help continue her work; look out for green bins around the ward and make sure that plastic cups, bottles, feeding cups, 'top and tail' bowls, feeding syringes etc are disposed of environmentally.

Finding us: 

Head straight through the Rosie reception area, past the Pavilion cafe. Take lift B or the stairs to level 2 and follow the signs to Lady Mary ward.

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