Hospital Transport - Inpatients

Hospital Transport - Inpatients

As your date for admission nears please start making arrangements for how you will be getting home when you will be discharged from hospital.  This information can then be shared with the nursing team on your admission and conversations held with the family member/friend when they come to visit you about your discharge arrangements and what to expect.

If there is a medical need that means you are unable to travel in a standard car, on public transport or by yourself by taxi the ward can organise hospital transport but this will be at the wards discretion and upon meeting the eligibility criteria.

If you have no-one to collect you and you do not have the funds to pay for public transport you may be eligible for a travel loan.  This is for use on public transport only.

If you are on benefits, you may be able to reclaim your travel costs to and from hospital.  

If hospital transport has been arranged for you please ensure that prior to your discharge your family/friends collect your belongings as the ambulance are only able to take one small bag per patient plus your discharge medicines.  Please be aware that you will be travelling with other patients on the ambulance which will increase your journey time home.  We will not be able to allow a family member to travel with you as this will be taking the seat of another patient, they will need to make their own way home ahead of your discharge.