Spare equipment

You will be given a kit with any spare consumable equipment you may need; appropriate to the type of implant. If you need replacements please contact your managed services provider or the Equipment Support Team (as appropriate).

If parents and schools wish to keep extra spares in addition to the above, information on obtaining these direct from the manufacturer can be provided on request.


Many processors are equipped with custom made rechargeable batteries. If your processor requires disposable batteries these will be provided by the Emmeline Equipment Support Team.

Help my implant isn’t working!

Just as for conventional hearing aids, sound processors can develop faults from time to time. If a sound processor develops a fault:

Firstly, we ask the patient/parent to identify the fault using the troubleshooting guidelines given at initial programming. Your device information booklet will help you to resolve any equipment problems. Remember you can always look at the implant company website too. If you are unsure, then please ask for advice.

If the problem persists or the patient needs advice, they can contact the Emmeline Centre Equipment Support Team or Managed Service provider (as appropriate).

If a sound processor has to be sent out by us, it is usually sent to the patient's home address. If delivery to a different address is preferred please state this clearly. Please have address details handy when calling us.

A sound processor is an expensive item of equipment, therefore, it is important that broken or faulty speech processors are returned without delay.

Holiday Loans

If you are planning on going abroad, and would like a spare speech processor to take with you many of the implant manufacturers provide a holiday loaner service that you can use, for a charge. To request a holiday loan, please contact the implant company directly.

Once the company has received this information they will then ask the Emmeline Centre to forward your/your child's processor settings to them.

Please be aware that all companies need sufficient time to process your request:

Lost or damaged processors

The NHS provides speech processors on a permanent loan basis; they are not the personal property of the patient. NHS equipment should always be returned when it is no longer needed. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, the Emmeline Centre now has a strict policy regarding broken or lost sound processors.

If you think you have lost your processor; Search everywhere, ask everyone, retrace your steps and think of all the possibilities of where it can be!

As soon as you are aware of the loss, and your searches have been unsuccessful, please contact the Emmeline centre. When you contact the Emmeline centre you will be asked about the circumstances of the loss. You will usually be contacted by a senior clinician, the same day if possible. A replacement processor will be issued at the Centre, or (exceptionally) by post [as agreed with the senior clinical staff]. An appointment may be arranged to discuss processor wear and handling. If you later find the processor, please inform the Centre immediately. You may be asked to pay an administrative fee before the replacement processor is provided.



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