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Document library

Here you can find R&D department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and documents.
Title of documentsort descending Reference number Date ratified
PDF icon Delegation of Roles and Responsibilities for Trust Sponsored Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPs) R&D/SOP001 6 Nov 2017
PDF icon R&D Intellectual Property Management R&D/POL004 20 May 2015
PDF icon Management of Contracts for Research Projects R&D/SOP005 28 Mar 2017
PDF icon Preparing for and Facilitating a Regulatory (MHRA) Inspection R&D/SOP009 29 Mar 2017
PDF icon Quality Assurance Audits R&D/SOP002 16 Jul 2014
PDF icon Reporting during the course of a NON CTIMP Study R&D/GD001 21 Mar 2016
PDF icon Research Passport, Honorary Research Contracts and Letters of Access R&D/SOP010 28 Jul 2017
PDF icon Serious Breach of Protocol or GCP in CTIMPs R&D/SOP003 19 Oct 2018
Microsoft Office document icon Transfer of Expenditure Request - Good Clinical Practice Attendees Only R&D/FRM001 3 Feb 2015
PDF icon Expedited Trust Approval Process R&D/SOP007 21 Mar 2016
PDF icon EPIC Training Record R&D/FRM005 7 Feb 2017
PDF icon International Studies Policy R&D/POL003 26 Nov 2015
PDF icon Research Misconduct R&D/POL002 16 Feb 2016
Microsoft Office document icon Protocol Template NON CTIMPs ONLY R&D/TPL005 28 Mar 2017
PDF icon Facilitating Monitoring Visits for Clinical Trial at CUH R&D/SOP012 18 Dec 2017
PDF icon Safety Reporting for Medical Devices R&D/SOP011 27 Mar 2015
PDF icon Un-Blinding in an Emergency Situation R&D/SOP008 28 Mar 2017
PDF icon GCP Training Procedure R&D/SOP006 28 Mar 2017
PDF icon CV For Research Personnel R&D/GD009 28 Sep 2017
PDF icon IRAS Application Guidance and Standard Wording NON CTIMPs ONLY R&D/GD002 28 Mar 2017
File Medical Device Reporting Form R&D/FRM004 27 Mar 2015
File Medical Device Safety Reporting Form R&D/FRM003 27 Mar 2015
Microsoft Office document icon Serious Breach Assessment Form R&D/FRM002 21 Mar 2016
Microsoft Office document icon Transfer of Expenditure for GCP Training R&D/FRM001 3 Feb 2015
PDF icon Review and Set up Process for Confirming Capacity and Capability R&D/POL005 19 Dec 2017