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Sandra Beil
Surgical Care Practitioner - Perioperative care

The role of a surgical care practitioner (SCP) is similar in practice to that of a junior doctor, in that we’re involved with assisting during surgery and have ward rounds each morning. I follow the patient’s journey from clinic and pre-operative consent, to ward and practical outpatient care.

I started as a staff nurse in the private sector before becoming a junior sister at Addenbrooke’s. I did a year of clinical development training and am now one of approximately 10 SCPs in the Trust. There are around 300-400 in similar roles across the country.

As individuals we’re here to provide advanced continuity of care, and this role allows me to experience the best of both worlds. I have the chance to follow a patient’s journey and provide care in a traditional nursing sense, as well as gain lots of advanced technical experience.

Being experts in so many areas, cancer in particular, nurses who join the Trust are encouraged to take the opportunity to work at a higher level – a big draw for a lot of people here.