Feeling unwell or injured? Make sure you choose the right service.
Heather Callingham
Senior Sister, Emergency Department

Now is a great time to join the emergency department, since we’re just about to open the brand new trauma centre. I’ve been in this ED for 28 years and it seems to match my personality quite well. We see all kinds of extremes here every single day; different ages, conditions and emotional states, and even though nursing is a constant challenge, the support and care we give makes a difference.

The emergency department is all about short, sharp intervention for everything from cut fingers to life-threatening injuries.

No two days are ever the same and part of my job, having learnt how to manage so many different situations, is to train and support new nurses to do the same. It’s exciting and difficult sometimes, but there will always be patients and they will always want to be cared for in the best possible way.

The emergency department is where we do our work, but our reach extends to the Trust, pre-hospital teams, GPs and police. Working here brings lots of challenges and lots of rewards every day.

It’s busy as well, but the support and training to help you develop is still here.