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Georgina Forman
Staff Nurse, Children's Services

Ever since I was very young I’ve wanted to be a nurse, and after a secondary school placement working with children, I knew what sort of nurse.

We’re a general medicine ward so we see children who’ve been admitted for surgery, both emergency and elective, trauma cases, road traffic accidents and children waiting for cancer treatment. Addenbrooke’s is the regional centre for cleft lip and palate, as well, so those children come here.

It’s very diverse for all of those reasons, and because children actually communicate in a different way, we have to adapt the way we work with them. Generally, though, they’re very easy to get on with and are often much more responsive than adults.

I’ve been here for about a year and my experience keeps growing all the time, both on and off the ward. In terms of training and development, there are always lots of extra training courses to take.

We’re trained for what are called ‘link roles’, too, mine’s diabetes. Their purpose is to increase individual knowledge in another area, so that combined the ward has a much greater knowledge overall.

That said, if any of us are ever unsure, there’s a always a doctor or a specialist nurse around to help out and even write up notes on how to do something. You’re never on your own.

Working here is great and is just as much about caring for families. We guide them, support them and even teach parents how to give medication at home, so that they don’t need to stay longer than they have to. They really appreciate that.