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Andrea Hunt
Senior Sister, Oncology Day Unit, Cancer

In my previous role as a clinical trials nurse, I worked with consultants treating patients who had agreed to take part in new forms of cancer care. Now, as a junior sister my role has evolved to take on a lot more chemotherapy and training. I’m also involved in our department’s Outreach programme, which sees two of our nurses go out to GP surgeries each day to treat patients closer to home.

I’ve been at the Trust for 7 years, having moved here from the Midlands based on the Addenbrooke’s reputation – in cancer care, especially. My family have a strong history of nursing, and it was after my parents got me a job in a nursing home at 16 that I knew this was what I wanted to do. The Trust has given me support with my degree and my ward rotation was a good opportunity to see both medicine and surgery before deciding to come here.

The day unit sees around 40-60 patients a day and it’s usually those people who need care because of complications caused by their cancer or chemotherapy. We take elective patients and those receiving blood transfusions, but in sense what we’re doing is trying to create an emergency department for cancer.

It’s always incredibly busy here and joining now would mean you’ll come in as we start to build our own acute oncology service.

Oncology patients are special in such a way that they seem to change their whole perspective on life after the initial sad news of a diagnosis. They’re able to see what’s important in life and we respond to that by building great relationships and having a friendly sense of humour.