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Jodi Page

Healthcare assistant
Jodi Page

The opportunities to ask questions and to learn about children's medicine are huge.

What is it like?

In children's services we work as a team to care for and support children and their families. We work collaboratively across a wide range specialties which means that there’s a huge amount of variety in what we do and patients who come through our doors. We see emergency cases like road traffic accidents, alongside children who are seriously ill, needing planned surgery or being treated for cancer.

Among our regional specialties is the treatment of cleft lip and palate and we treat a range of chronic conditions including cystic fibrosis. We’re also a children’s intensive care centre, working with children facing life threatening illnesses or injuries, including a regional paediatric neurology service.

What will I do?

As an HCA in children’s services you will be working with children ranging from newborn babies to 16 year olds and their families. These will include children with and young people with profound, global developmental delay, ie  whose movement, speech, ability to learn and social skills have not developed normally. Your duties will include:

  • Changing nappies or helping parents with nappy changing
  • Helping wash children who are not able to keep clean themselves
  • Fetching and serving meals
  • Helping children eat who are not able to feed themselves independently
  • Playing with children and ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable
  • Reporting any concerns to the team

You will be dealing with children and their parents who are facing difficult events and who will often be frightened, anxious, stressed or unhappy. You need to be able to express compassion and have excellent communications skills.

All in all, children’s services is a very rewarding and exciting place to work, offering a range and variety of experience that it would be difficult to match elsewhere.