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Sandra Shaul

Healthcare assistant
Sandra Shaul

 I go home feeling like I've made a difference, as I have brightened someone's day.

What is it like?

Our care of the elderly wards are part of the medicine division and take older patients from across the hospital. We are committed to treating all our patients with compassion and respect for their dignity. The people we see are often very frail, ill, confused and in pain and may have a variety of physical and mental conditions, including:

  • immobility
  • confusion
  • recovering from falls
  • general illnesses such as chest infections

It is not unusual for patients to be suffering from several different conditions and to be very frail.

The aim of our care of the elderly wards is to help patients recover to the point that they can either return to their own home or to further care in the community.

What will I do?

As an HCA caring for elderly patients you will:

  • Assist patients with their activities of daily living – these including helping them wash, eat and use the toilet
  • Carry out weights and observations
  • Follow relevant moving & handling and infection control procedures
  • Ensure patients records are accurate and up to date

You may need to provide 1:1 special care to patients

Many of our patients have confusion, dementia, delirium and / or sensory impairment eg they may be hard of hearing or have visual difficulties. This can make having a conversation or explaining what you are doing difficult, so you will need excellent communication skills, patience and compassion.

Working in the care of the elderly wards can be challenging at times – but the rewards are worth it! You get to see a patient through their time in hospital. Some patients spend a long time with us, so you will get to know them, their habits, like and dislikes and develop a rapport with their families.