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Sheena Wilson
Healthcare assistant

I've been with the intermediate dependency area at the Trust for around nine years now, and I still get a lot from it professionally - it's very fulfilling working with the team that I have.

I came in as a patient, and after seeing everyone work, I was inspired to join - as a ward assistant to begin with. 

There have been a few changes over the years, and I was spotted by my manager as someone who might do well as a healthcare assistant. It wasn't something I'd considered until being asked, but it's been such a great move. The team is fantastic, and the work is very rewarding.

This is a nurse-led unit, which means nurses decide who to admit and when. We take patients who are either leaving or entering a stage of care where they need regular supervision - it's not quite intensive care, but similar.

There are plenty of learning opportunities here - I've just applied to be an ambulance driver.

If you're looking for a varied and interesting role with a great team, then definitely consider being an HCA.