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Sarah Lowe
Healthcare assistant

Diagnostic ultrasound is different to kind used during pregnancy – we’re looking for problems in parts of the body such as the kidneys and liver. It’s a fairly technical area to be in and one that I still find really interesting, even after 12 years.

I started as an HCA in the Rosie 15 years ago, before moving into radiology and ultrasound. Our team works really well together and the doctors are great at including us in what they’re doing and why. It’s a fantastic learning environment, so becoming an HCA is a smart stepping stone if you’re thinking about a career in radiography.

We try and maintain a steady and efficient flow of patients, but that doesn’t mean we don’t build relationships with them. When people come here, they’re usually quite scared about their scan will reveal, so being able to talk to them on an individual basis is really important.

You’ll learn a lot working here, and it’s challenging in a very positive sort of way. There’s always someone nearby to help out too, so if you’re ever stuck, there’s no need to worry.