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Samantha Lederman
Maternity care assistant



I work on the post natal ward, doing some day and some night shifts. I do some of the things that an HCA would - taking four hourly observations, for instance, removing cannulas and removing and emptying catheters. But it really is very different working as a maternity care assistant.

It's really busy, we have women coming in and out at all times and it's part of our job to make sure the beds are cleaned and ready for each new woman who comes to the ward after giving birth. 

The women are exhausted after labour and they are often quite teary and emotional. It's good to talk with them and help them feel less alone, as their partners can only be there for a short amount of time. I answer the call bells, so if one of the women needs something, I am often the first person she sees.

The funny thing about this ward is that the days aren't actually that different to the nights as the babies cry all the time. I try to help the babies settle, especially at night so that the mothers can get some sleep. During the day I spend a lot of time running errands for the midwives eg to the pharmacy to pick up drugs. 

The part of my job I enjoy the most is helping the new mothers with breastfeeding. When you’ve got a baby that can’t feed and you get that baby to feed, that’s the bit that I love.