Give back, become a Governor ...
Jeannette Victoria
Theatre support worker

My experience in nursing back in the Philippines, as well as the work I’ve done in care homes gave me a good idea about the kind of work I could do here. Orthopaedics is where most of my experience is, but there are plenty of different places you can go.

My role is slightly different to a ward HCA because of the theatre environment, but the kind of person needed to do the job is very much the same. You have to be calm under pressure, very patient and have good presence of mind. After collecting patients from the wards, it’s up to me to perform a lot of their pre-surgery checks, informing the nurses and surgeons of any complications, previous infections or allergies. It’s challenging, and a lot of responsibility.

As a theatre support worker, I’m always in the room during surgery, multi-tasking, with my eyes on the procedure and paperwork and my ears with the scrub nurse.

To those thinking of joining I would say: It’s very challenging and very rewarding. You’ll experience a lot and learn a lot, too.