Give back, become a Governor ...
Jayne Haycock
Healthcare assistant

I've been working in the Rosie for 18 months as a healthcare assistant in women's services. I work in clinic 21, which is really interesting as it is the outpatient clinic for the whole Rosie. We work with different doctors, seeing pregnant ladies, people who are having difficulty becoming pregnant and women with all kinds of gynaecological problems.

A lot of my time is spent meeting the women when they first come into clinic.  I do the blood pressures, check the weight, height and take a urine sample which is all relevant no matter what the patient has come in for.

The women we see are often having examinations which can make them feel quite vulnerable. It's part of my job to put them at their ease. I chat with them and make sure they have understood what the doctor has said.  I think being a woman yourself you know these things aren’t nice and I think you can make a difference to someone’s day just by being there for them.

One of my favourite things is when the pregnant ladies come and visit us after the birth and bring their babies to show us.  It feels so rewarding to see the end result of all the care you have provided.

I love working in the Rosie. I used to volunteer on Lady Mary Ward and I am trying to become a midwife. People sometimes ask me why I do it, but I wouldn't change my job for the world.