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Grace Mills
Healthcare assistant

For me, being an HCA is all about providing holistic care for people who really do appreciate it. We take part in everything from pre-assessment and ward orientation, to nutrition, hygiene and all sorts of post-operative care.

The planned short stay unit, or PSSU as it’s called, sees a huge variety of different patients, so it’s always challenging and I have to be able to adapt very quickly. The role of an HCA is slightly different depending on what kind of ward they’re on, but since we don’t accept one specialism in particular, we offer a lot of different services and that makes working here especially exciting.

I was a member of the staff bank for 8 months before becoming a HCA. I’d seen how amazing the maternity care assistants were during my stay at the Rosie after my little boy was born and I knew it was definitely something that I wanted to do.

Character is the key to being an HCA, not qualifications, but there are always training opportunities here, as well as the inspiration to try new things. I’m doing a psychology degree now, inspired by work I’ve done as an HCA with patients receiving mental health care.

I would recommend giving this a try to anyone with a kind, caring and hardworking attitude. Addenbrooke’s is efficient, everyone’s friendly and always willing to help when you find yourself a little bit stuck.