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Fiona Parr
Healthcare assistant

Being an HCA - or an auxiliary nurse as we used to be called – is all about direct patient care. We do a lot of the things nurses just don’t have the time to do, and that amount of patient contact means the rapport we build with them is often very strong.

I’ve been here for over 3 years and it was my mum that told me to go for it. Oncology was what interested me, so here I am on the cancer ward. The patients here vary, but some of them are highly dependent, so we have to do pretty much everything for them. Chemotherapy can make people feel very sick and I help deal with a lot of skin problems.

It’s tiring, for sure, every shift is different and I’m still surprised after almost 4 years at how amazing people can be. We do great things for patients here and they appreciate it so much. The praise they give is fantastic, and that’s what keeps me coming in every day.

There’s lots of support available, as well. Everyone, all of the nurses and the other HCAs, we all do our very best to help each other out. This job isn’t easy, but it's definitely worth it.