Give back, become a Governor ...
Ellie McLeod
Healthcare assistant

Before coming to the emergency department I worked as clinical research assistant, which was similar in a lot of ways to being an HCA. Here, though, it’s very different to being on any ward.

The emergency department is fast-paced and there’s a lot of pressure to get patients checked and triaged accurately, but quickly. I take on all of the usual essentials like observations and simple tests, and it’s important to make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible, but working in the ED is unique.

We see a lot minor injuries but plenty of major trauma, as well, and it can all come at once, so it’s important for the whole team to work together. We’re a great team here and we share responsibilities well.

It’s a refreshing change to what I did before and there are always opportunities to skill up, in triage and different kinds of care. If you’re thinking of coming to ED, then remember that it’s hard work and it’s easy to be put off, but stick with it and it’s really worthwhile.