Give back, become a Governor ...
Caroline Wright
Theatre support worker

I’d always wanted to work somewhere with patients because I find the whole experience so interesting. As a former PA, when my previous boss retired, I had the opportunity to look around for something different and this job was absolutely ideal.

I’m working with patients throughout their journey and get to stand in on some truly amazing operations.

This is a unique environment and position to be in, since I collect the patient from the ward and then spend a fair bit of time talking to them before the anaesthetist arrives. They tell me their stories and open up about their fears, as well. I talk them through it and minutes later I’m watching the surgeons go to work – it’s incredible.

Practically, being a theatre support worker is very challenging. You learn so much doing this job, but you shouldn’t underestimate how much there is to take on. There’s a lot of responsibility attached.

To me, this is the ultimate in patient care. I work in a real team-orientated environment, and it’s incredibly interesting.