Give back, become a Governor ...
Carol Evans
Support services manager (former HCA)

I was a school cook in a previous life, but once my children were a little older, I was able to take on a career which was more suited to my skills and interests.

Addenbrooke’s is very supportive of staff, and in my 14 years here, I’ve worked as an HCA, an assessor of HCAs – that’s sort of like a mentor – and a manager for nutrition assistants and assistant practitioners.

I began my own HCA career in stroke and rehabilitation, and that’s where I’m based a lot of the time now. It’s a great area to work in, and although people don’t always go home 100% recovered, it’s incredibly rewarding to know that as an HCA, you’ve played an important part in their recovery.

In my opinion, HCAs have one of the best roles in terms of patient-facing care. It’s physically demanding, but we get so much one-to-one time with patients, and it’s a real privilege to have such an influence on their recovery.

The opportunities for development are here for those who want them. In my role now, I could be doing work with the union, nursing teams and recruitment, all in a typical day.

I’d encourage anyone who’s caring, compassionate and willing to work hard to consider becoming an HCA. They really are the backbone of any ward.