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The Health Foundation

Person-centred care resource centre

"Person-centred care means creating a collaborative relationship where people are supported to make informed decisions and manage their own health and care to achieve the outcomes they want."


"Content relating to learning that has come out of our programmes, as well as information about our work with networks. You can also access our research scan, where each month we scan published research on quality improvement and select the top articles."

Let it SHINE - blog by Tracy Watts

"Over the past six years we have been developing our understanding of self management, why it is important for people living with long term conditions and what it means to clinicians.  Most importantly we are building our understanding of how these skills are relevant to patients who are living with the daily turmoil of chronic illness."

Self management: it’s easy, isn’t it? - blog by Tracy Watts

"My colleagues often laugh at my mantra for integrating self management skills into mainstream health: ‘it’s like pushing water uphill’. Still, I continue because I have witnessed how, when we get it right, self management support makes a real difference to patients’ lives when living with a long-term condition."

British Lung Foundation

How we can help you

"We know that living with lung disease can be difficult. It can be confusing, limiting and frustrating. Our support can make your life better. We can give you information and advice to make you feel more in control of your condition. And we can help you connect with other people in similar situations, so you can talk things through and don't feel alone."

Diabetes UK

How we help

"Our wide range of products and services are designed to help you manage your diabetes, whatever support you need.​"

Stroke Association

Get support

"The Stroke Association provides a number of vital support services across the country to help those affected by stroke to regain their lives​"

British Heart Foundation

Living with a heart condition

"Learn more about day to day life with a heart condition."