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Co-Creating Health

We were one of seven pilot sites for the Health Foundation’s Co-Creating Health project. Our site initially focussed on supporting patients with COPD and then expanded to support patients with diabetes and stroke.

The output from all the sites has been collated in the Health Foundation’s person-centred care resource centre.

Spreading SMS

We are one of four sites continuing to build on the work from Co-Creating Health.

That work involved spreading and supporting Self management Support for patients who live with Diabetes, suffered a stroke or live with Heart disease.

Project case studies

Self care and support for all – reaching the housebound patient

Supporting patients to inform clinical commissioning to achieve best outcomes – the value of planning using patient centred information

Developing the ‘Adapted Pulmonary Rehabilitation (APR) Programme’

​Developing training for clinical staff to improve confidence and increase skills in facilitating personal health planning and Self Management

The impact of using self management techniques within the Lewin Stroke & Rehabilitation Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital