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About CSMS

Our vision is to ensure that patients with a long term condition have the opportunity to manage their condition in a way that suits them and are confident to apply self management skills fully supported by clinicians along their pathway.

The Centre for Self Management Support (CSMS) is an expert team of clinicians, managers, researchers and patients who are working to promote and spread self management support (SMS) amongst patients and the clinicians supporting them. All our work is regularly and rigorously evaluated to ensure the highest quality standards and outcomes.

Our work draws on learning from self management support initiatives such as The Expert Patient Programme, Diabetes Year of Care, Shared Decision Making and Personalisation. Our approaches to self management support are embedded in existing care pathways because evidence suggests that this approach has more potential for beneficial outcomes.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to:

  1. spread and embed self management support into patient pathways
  2. support patients and clinicians to become aware of self management and its benefits and to ensure that opportunities to self manage are capitalised on for the benefit of patients
  3. influence strategy and support commissioners to understand the role of self management as part of the QIPP agenda and to embed SMS within their domains
  4. ensure self management developments are relevant to the patient, their carers and the services they access and consider how tools and techniques can form the basis of sustained behaviour and  culture change
  5. Contribute to the evidence base through theory based intervention design and innovative research.
  6. implement service redesign to deliver projects and  support health care staff and clinicians to deliver change and embed SMS, innovating with a critical eye
  7. provide expertise where required.

Our work

The Centre for Self Management Support:

  • is a practical resource for local, regional and national patients, carers and clinicians
  • works with clinical and service delivery ‘teams’ to find ways to adapt existing practices so that these approaches are incorporated into everyday practice e.g. the use of personal health planning, collaborative agenda setting, supported action planning, goal setting and follow up
  • develops and delivers self management skills training and support for patients, carers and clinicians. We can provide a consultancy service available on a local/regional and national basis
  • acts as a promotional hub for SMS. We can act as a host for conference and networking events
  • researches and evaluates the impact of the innovations we introduce for patient care, quality of life and health economics and assessing their transferability to other areas
  • supports commissioners to understand the role of self management as part of the QIPP agenda and to embed SMS within their domains.

Our partners

The CSMS have worked with a number of partner organisations including

  • Helen Sanderson Associates
  • Cam Health Local Commissioning Group
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Eastern Academic Health Science Network

The centre is supported by Cambridge University hospitals trust and based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.