Patient safety is at the heart of all we do – one of our six priorities and at the heart of our values – kind, safe, excellent; everyone who works at CUH is responsible for patient safety.

Patient safety covers a range of things from protecting you against infections like MRSA, C.Difficile and Norovirus, to ensuring high standards of care to prevent pressure ulcers, falls and blood clots.

This year CUH was named by Dr Foster, an independent health research organisation, as their top trust in the country - highlighting that more patients survive following treatment at CUH than would be expected, and also that patients at CUH are less likely to be readmitted.

Safe practice is a key element in all aspects of the Trust’s work and future development. A key part of this is to encourage a culture of openness amongst our staff so incidents and concerns are reported and we can learn, act and improve. 

We also listen carefully to what our patients say about their care and encourage you to take the initiative and question anything you feel may affect your safety or wellbeing.