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Our future

We are committed to making our vision — for the hospital and for the Cambridge Biomedical Campus — a reality. Our drive to succeed in what we do, must be supported by appropriate development of our physical environment.

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus today.Achieving our ambition to become the best biomedical campus in Europe, while also serving an increasing local population, recognises the need for campus development and expansion.

The existing campus extends to 70 acres but further development space on the site is limited. In 1999, the Trust, with its major partners the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Medipark Ltd and the Medical Research Council (MRC), created a masterplan for the physical development of the campus - the 2020 Vision which sees an extension of a further 70 acres to support and enhance existing on-site activities and to create space for new opportunities.

The 2020 Vision recognises the Trust as an existing academic clinical centre but places it in the context of the developing Cambridge Biomedical Campus.