Your child is ready to leave the intensive care unit. This is a time of improvement. And a positive step forward, you may feel nervous about this change with your child moving from the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) to the ward.

Your feedback is extremely important to us. Telling us about your experience, good or bad, means that we can better understand what is important to you, what we are doing well and where there are areas where we need to make improvements.

Your feedback can help us to:

  • Ensure our services are sensitive to the needs of patients, carers and visitors.

  • Improve and enhance the hospital experience.

  • Improve planning and decision making, taking into account our aim to ensure fair and equal use of services.

  • Ensure we are open and transparent in all that we do.

Our consultants are happy to receive feedback

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Dr Roddy O'Donnell

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