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Clinical trials are essential to improve the treatment of and outcome for patients with cancer. We need trials to ensure that can both discover new, better treatments and improve the care of cancer patients across the NHS.

From a patient's perspective, the decision to take part in a trial is often a complex one. For many people, there are usually various reasons that motivate them to take part in a trial.

People may:

  • hope to benefit from a new treatment
  • want to help improve cancer care for others
  • believe that they will be more closely cared for if they are part of a trial
  • be looking for alternatives where previous treatments have been unsuccessful or less successful

It is often a combination of these and other reasons which will influence the choice to take part.

Before you decide whether to take part in any trial, we will always make sure that you understand all the implications, including any disadvantages. It is important to us that you make the right decision for you. Deciding not to take part in a trial will not affect the standard of the care you receive from us.