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Taking part in clinical trials

Because the CCTC links the hospital with University of Cambridge,CRUK and pharmaceutical companies, we are able to offer many of our patients with cancer the opportunity to take part in trials and receive novel treatments.

If there is a suitable trial, your clinical team will invite you to take part. At this point, we will provide you with all the information you need to help you decide whether taking part in the trial is the right choice for you. Some patients may take part in more than one trial in the course of their treatment.

If you decide to sign up for the trial, we will always ensure that the highest possible standards are followed. All trials are carefully monitored to ensure that they are safe and ethical. Any information collected about you, or your experience during the trial, will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

Taking part in a trial enables you to benefit from innovative treatments and methods. In addition, you will be contributing to work which aims to improve the care of cancer patients across the NHS.

However, there are some important issues to bear in mind as well. We won’t always know as much about potential side effects as we do with standard treatments, for instance. And from a practical point of view, some trials mean more time spent in hospital or travelling to and fro for additional tests or treatments.

If you decide not to sign up, or if you withdraw during a trial, it will not affect the standard of care you receive. In this case we will provide the most effective existing treatment and will continue to care for and support you to the highest possible standard.