Transplant pharmacy team

The transplant pharmacy team consists of:

Lead pharmacist for transplantation, whose roles include:

  • monitor drug therapies, for example ensuring correct doses of drugs, highlighting potential drug interactions
  • authorise and validate medication discharge prescriptions
  • promote and demonstrate rational, cost effective drug therapy
  • provide drug information about potential side effects and drug interactions

Specialist transplant pharmacy technician, whose roles include:

  • promote medication education of patients, carers and relatives
  • create medication information cards
  • facilitate discharge planning by writing medication discharge prescriptions
  • reconcile home medications with those prescribed at admission
  • order and supply prescribed medications

Specialist transplant pharmacist:

This pharmacist supports the lead pharmacist in the roles outlined above.

Rotational pharmacist:

This pharmacist will work on the transplant unit for a year and will be supporting the lead pharmacist in the roles outlined above.

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