Diabetes, endocrinology and obesity

The Wolfson Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic (WDEC) at the Institute of Metabolic Science (IMS)

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Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Appointments: 01223 348750


Mission Statement: We are dedicated to support you in the management of your own diabetes or endocrine disorder, through the provision of information, education and care for you and your family.


The Wolfson Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic (WDEC) encompasses facilities for the investigation and management of patients with diabetes, obesity and endocrine disorders. A multidisciplinary team of physicians, specialist nurses and allied health professionals provide clinics in general and specialist aspects of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Obesity for both local and regional patients.


Clinics in Diabetes cover general and specific (antenatal, podiatric, renal, retinal) aspects of the disorder; specialist clinics help patients manage insulin pump therapy and an education program (DAFNE) empowers patients to self-adjust insulin treatment to dietary intake.


In Endocrinology, we are the regional centre for pituitary disease & surgery and also provide a range of specialist and multidisciplinary clinics in thyroid disease & malignancy, Turner’s syndrome, genetic endocrine disorders and endocrine cancer.


The multidisciplinary team in our Obesity clinic undertake clinical, dietary and psychological assessment of patients followed by treatment programs which include medical and surgical modalities. Importantly, as a national referral centre for patients with severe insulin resistance and unusual thyroid disorders, clinics in complex metabolic and endocrine disorders are also undertaken in WDEC.


Finding the department


The department is located in the IMS-WDEC (Institute of Metabolic Science - Wolfson Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic) in the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre.


From the main hospital entrance: turn right into the main concourse. Follow signs towards the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre and the Rosie Maternity Hospital. Walk straight along the main corridor until you reach the Treatment Centre. The diabetes and endocrinology department is located across the far side of the atrium on the right hand side.


From the Treatment Centre car park: Enter the Treatment Centre through the main entrance which is directly across the road (Keith Day Way) from the car park.


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Appointments: 01223 348750


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