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Learning and Development Appraisal

CUH is committed to develop a workforce that is competent, motivated and confident to continuously learn and develop by giving access to high quality education, training and development. This ensures that all CUH staff are able to carry out their jobs safely and effectively providing the highest possible standard of patient care.

There is a huge range of learning and development opportunities for both clinical and non-clinical staff aimed to help you to settle into your role and to develop your skills to enable career progression.

The Learning and Development team are available to offer you support and advice as well signpost you to the development opportunities that best suit your needs. Your manager will also be able to offer further support through discussion at appraisal and as part of day to day supervision.

All training is located on DOT, which is our learning management system.  On DOT you can do the following:

  • Check your mandatory compliance
  • Search for courses and relevant information
  • View staff development opportunities linked to job roles (development boards)
  • Book yourself a place on courses using the online booking system
  • View appraisal information and forms

We really hope you take full advantage of the learning on offer here to help you to be successful in your role.

Appraisal and development conversations

The Trust is committed to ensuring all employees have an opportunity to participate in an annual appraisal conversation.


  • To enable line managers to gain insight about the appraisee’s well-being and performance during the last year; this should build upon regular conversations (1:1s/catch up/check ins) throughout the year.
  • To enable individuals to reflect on their experience in the last year; to discuss with their line manager their performance, how they feel it has gone and what support they need now and going forward.
  • To discuss priorities/objectives for the job role and support for development/training as appropriate for the individual.

During the conversation there are areas for reflection and discussion:

  • Health and Wellbeing: Supporting work/life balance
  • Looking back over the past year: Progress and performance
  • Thinking about what next for the year ahead: Role, priorities and development

The appraisal cycle is open from 24th April 2023 until 17th September 2023.

An outline schedule for staff groups for completion of appraisals is provided below; this does not prevent divisions and corporate areas commencing appraisals throughout these periods to suit service needs.

Staff Group Outline end dates for completion
Executive directors, divisional directors and corporate directors Outline end dates for completion 31st May 2023
Clinical directors, speciality leads and consultants(**) for the managerial aspects of these roles.

Staff in bands 7 – 9
Outline end dates for completion 31st July 2023
All other staff groups Outline end dates for completion 17th September 2023

** Medical appraisal to be undertaken in line with guidance issued by the Medical Directors Office. For information on the Medical Appraisal cycle, please visit the Connect website.

Appraisal Form

e-appraisal form – All staff are asked to use the e-appraisal form. It is available on DOT

The e-form is accessible and intuitive to use. It also enables staff to be able to make any updates, for example priorities/objectives and personal development plans during the year. There are guides available for those who may not have used this e-form previously.

If there are any special circumstances that prevent an employee accessing/using the e-form the employee or their line manager can email to request a word version.

Guides for employees and line managers/appraisers – accessible from this page


  • Employees guide to appraisals
  • Information workshops for staff and managers: - Short workshops will be available to access remotely via MS Teams on DOT
  • Contact the Learning and Development Team for advice -


  • Appraisal training for managers: managers can access the CUH Appraisal training for managers via DOT. Dates take place from May to September.
  • E-learning - Appraiser Update 2023 on DOT
  • Contact the Learning and Development Team for advice -

Priorities/Objectives – guidance, available for staff and managers/appraisers

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusions (EDI) priorities/objectives – all staff are requested to commit to an EDI priority/objective
  • Strategy, including sustainability priority/objective examples
  • SMART objectives

ADR Conversation - Setting direction – Work Priorities and Objectives for the year ahead

Each of our roles has a part to play in supporting the CUH’s vision for a healthier, life for everyone through care, learning and research. During the appraisal and development conversation staff are asked to consider priorities and objectives for the year ahead.

  • The Trust asks that all staff have a priority or objective that supports and demonstrates commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI); we have provided example priorities and objectives to help staff choose or adapt for the role in order to fulfil this request.

Staff can also consider:

  • priorities and objectives relevant to their job role and service relating to their division or directorate.
  • there are also examples of priority and objective examples that align to key commitments in the CUH Together 2025 Strategy.

Typically, we would recommend employees in bands 2 – 5 have around 3 objectives, for bands 6 and above no more than 5 objectives; all staff should include an EDI objective.