Supporting the NHS Rainbow Badge Initiative

Our chief executive officer team fully support the Rainbow Badge Initiative and the positive difference it makes by promoting a message of inclusion across the Trust.

Roland Sinker - chief executive officer

Ian Walker, Director of Corporate Affairs

“I am wearing the Rainbow Badge with pride to support LGBT+ colleagues and patients at CUH, to emphasise the importance of inclusion and to celebrate diversity across our hospitals.”

Lorraine Szeremeta, Chief Nurse

“I have signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge to raise awareness of important issues faced by LGBT+ people. It’s well documented that some LGBT+ people have avoided medical treatment for fear of discrimination, a recent Stonewall survey showing this is the case for one in seven.

“As healthcare professionals we have a duty to ensure well-being for all our patients, to help them feel comfortable, valued and able to be open about all aspects of their lives. Equality for our patients and staff is extremely important and this badge shows our commitment as an organisation to support the LGBT+ community, as well as my personal commitment to support inclusion, celebrate diversity and importantly to raise awareness of the issues faced by our LGBT+ community, acting as a strong advocate for all.” 

Nicola Ayton, Director of Strategy and Major Projects

“I have signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge because it is a privilege and a source of great pride to work alongside LGBT+ colleagues across CUH and the local health and care system. Wearing the NHS Rainbow Badge is a celebration of the diversity of our staff and the population we serve. As a country and as a public service, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to those citizens and staff who have not always enjoyed the protection, freedom and opportunities they are entitled to. We know we have much further to go. For me, the Rainbow badge is one way to say thank you to those LGBT+ staff and patients who, simply by being who they are, are helping to create the kind of workplace, hospital and local community I feel so proud to be part of.” 

Giles Thorpe, Deputy Chief Nurse

“I have signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge because, as a member of the LGBT+ community, I know how difficult it can be to find someone to talk to and get support.  I am proud to wear the NHS Rainbow Badge so I can help other people in my community, whilst visibly challenging negative attitudes and behaviours.”

Ewan Cameron, Director of Improvement and Transformation

“I have signed up to wearing the NHS Rainbow Badge because I want to help promote an open tolerant inclusive environment for our LGBT+ patients and staff here at CUH.”

Paul Scott, Chief Finance Officer

I am delighted to sign up for the NHS Rainbow Badge.    I have seen the struggles of the LGBT+ community through the eyes of close family members.  Prejudice and discrimination affects people’s health, wellbeing and ability to be their best.  The progress the LGBT+ community has made towards a fairer, more inclusive, society has been awe inspiring.  I know there is still a long way to go and I want all members of our community to feel part of, and contribute, to our amazing work.  

Mike Moore, CUH Chair

“We are a caring organisation. That is our mission and that is one of our guiding values. Fundamental to being caring is treating people with respect and for who they are and being open to learn from anyone. And also fundamental is that everyone should be free to be who they are. As a society, we are all taking too long really to understand what that means. I am proud to wear the Rainbow Badge because it advances our ability to be truly caring”

Ashley Shaw, Medical Director

“I have signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge because …everyone is equal.”

Sam Higginson, Chief Operating Officer

“I have signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge because I believe that it is critically important that we support all members of staff and celebrate diversity from across our community.” 

David Wherrett, Director of Workforce

“I have signed up to the NHS Rainbow Badge because I passionately believe in LGBT+ equality, people able to be themselves at work as much as in their home lives.  There’s been great progress in LGBT+ rights and equality in recent years and we still have a way to go. The Rainbow Badge is a small but visible act to share our commitment to continuing this journey to full equality.”

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