CUH is a teaching hospital for medical undergraduates and postgraduates, nurses and students in other clinical professions.

Patient-centred teaching is one of our core activities and is central to or vision to be one of the best academic healthcare organisations in the world.

We are the teaching hospital for the University of Cambridge through the School of Clinical Medicine and the Postgraduate Medical Centre provides the infrastructure and support to facilitate the education, training and continuing development of postgraduate professionals in hospital medicine, general practice and dentistry.

Recognised throughout the world as a centre of excellence for medical education and research, the University of Cambridge has been teaching medicine from 1540 when Henry VIII endowed the University’s first Professorship of Physic. Undergraduate clinical medical education began in earnest on the hospital campus in 1976 with the opening of the School of Clinical Medicine.

Much of the clinical teaching occurs at Addenbrooke’s with the consultants, junior staff, nurses and allied health professionals regularly involved in medical student teaching and assessment. The integration of academic research with full professional clinical training has been the hallmark of the Clinical School since its foundation.

The link between the hospital and the university creates an environment where good clinical practice, teaching and research flourish and can be translated into better care for our patients. This relationship also attracts doctors and academics from around the world to work in the hospital and the university.

The Regius Professor of Physic is the Head of the Clinical School and also sits on the CUH Board of Directors.

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