Friends and Family Test reports (Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Department and Maternity)

The FFT is a nationally mandated satisfaction question which we ask patients across all our services, at the beginning of our real time patient experience surveys.

Results are reported to NHS England monthly by the patient engagement and surveys team.

The aim of the FFT is to provide patients and people who use NHS services with the ability to provide anonymous feedback quickly and easily, when they want to. We use a variety of different means to do this including paper, comment cards, text messaging (SMS), automated voice calls (IVM), hand held tablets and on these pages you will also find online links to the surveys.

Staff share the feedback with their colleagues and use it to inform them about any service changes or improvements which may be needed and where they are doing well. Due to the volume of responses received and anonymity we regret we are not able to respond individually to survey feedback.

Results are below and should you have any questions you are welcome to contact the Patient Engagement and Surveys Team on 01223 274874.

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