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Chris Stanley
Patient Governor

Chris was elected as a Patient Governor in July 2017.  Following a rare neurological condition that led to 1.5 months in Addenbrook’s, Chris survived with no cognitive damage which he attributes primarily to the skill and tenacity of the clinicians.

From his time ‘awake’ as an in-patient, and also as an ongoing out-patient, Chris has witnessed the front line of the NHS; from consultants to nurses, caterers, cleaners and A&E (including three trips in an ambulance).  He has seen first-hand the resourcing pressures the hospital is under and the value of things he believes are often overlooked.

Chris’ background is in finance as a Chartered Accountant from the private sector, although he began his career as a scientist in biotech and holds a Masters in Chemistry.  He has worked on multi-million £/$ business cases across Europe with stakeholders of various disciplines, earning extensive experience of budgeting/forecasting. He is also well-versed in corporate governance/due diligence and projects as diverse as managing risk and fraud.  He strongly believes that, although the hospital is not a business, with ‘profit’ as the objective, the principal of making best use of resources applies just the same, and he hopes to implement his experience in this area.

Chris has two sons, both born at the Rosie. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, skiing and car restoration.